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Read the long story below:

T.H.E. M.I.C.H.E.L.A.N.G.E.L.O. C.O.D.E is an acronym used to describes the purpose of this fundraiser:

To Have Every Minor In Church Have Electronics Leveraged At Naming God's Enemies Lovingly, Of Coverup Of Pedophiles' Existence

The word Lovingly is used instead of Loudly because although we know the importance of informing a child's parents and the surrounding area of a possible pedophile existing within the vicinity, we want to make sure that the individual accused of being a pedophile has his/her rights protected as much as the person making the accusation.THE MICHELANGELO CODE is a system that helps child victims let their cry for help be heard even if they are fearful, for whatever reason, of explicitly accusing their abuser. It is a way to accuse an individual of pedophilia in a discrete way, although informally, to a parent, a guardian, a Church community, and yes, even the police, anonymously. It is up to those that receive this cry for help communicated within the App to take the appropriate steps in asking the children around their vicinity if they have been abused and to inform them not be afraid of speaking out. Whatever the outcome may be legally speaking, of the accused being found guilty or not, the child victim has done his/her part in raising the Alarm to his/her surroundings, initiating this first step communicating for help.

THE MICHELANGELO CODE primarily is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm based on pattern-recognition of facial images uploaded to our database, of the individuals accused of pedophilia by children, to help parents/guardians & communities recognize at a later time or location, if the same individuals accused only once is being accused again and again by different children. If the algorithm recognizes an individual is repeatedly being accused through the app, it would be recorded in our database. With this information, our algorithm will be then able to help those responsible for the protection of minors use the apps' recognizer functionality, which will compare photos taken of a prospective or newly hired volunteer/pastor/nun/teacher with the photos in our database and inform those responsible if they need to be cautious of letting their children interact with the individual based on whether or not the profile image matches the image of a repeatedly accused individual in our database. We will focus on using pattern-recognition of faces rather than the names of the accused since it is a well-known fact that pedophiles change their names when accusations are laid against them so as to hide their dirty laundry when moved to a new location/city/country within the Catholic Churches' hierarchical structure. Our goal is simply to raise the alarm and its severity of a possible pedophile within your community, but we do not guarantee guilt on the side of the accused, or sincerity on the side of the accuser. 

My name is anonymous for now. I have an Honours Bachelor Degree in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Toronto, Canada. I have worked in the video game industry focused on children's entertainment. My most notable work was on the  webkinz website at GANZ. It was at this time when working at GANZ that I heard what I believe to be a call from God to make a guardian angel game specifically for the children of the church that I would visit regularly during lunch and after work to pray alone.  I did not realize it at the time but 8+ years later after receiving this call from God, with no actual approval from the pastor of the church to implement it, I heard on the news that the religious order the pastor belongs to, namely the IVE (Institute of the Incarnate Word) was closely connected to [the then Cardinal] Theodore McCarrick, only now recently found guilty by the Vatican of pedophilia. This Cardinal ordained many of the priests of the IVE, an institution that serves the aforementioned parish till this day. With this new information, I believe I must continue to attempt to create this game which I believe was inspired by God to help protect the minors. I hope to help guard the children of this parish from a likely situation in which a priest ordained by McCarrick could also be a pedophile. We all know too well of the systematic pedophile coverup by Bishops/Cardinals within the Catholic Church. I hope that those pedophile priests that were ordained and hired to serve the Cardinal's evil actions are removed from power and away from accessing minors. Please help with your prayers if you can't donate. Know that the pattern recognition aspect of this project will be open-source on GITHUB for anyone to use. At the moment this project has had a Catholic theme from its inception, but with my attempt to have the Artificial Intelligence algorithm part of the project open-source, I invite all people to help out and make this project possible so that it can be used throughout all of society and not just in the Catholic domain. Thank you and God Bless!

Risks and challenges

One of the risks of having an Artificial Intelligence algorithm provided for the service of children is that of the possibility of false accusations of pedophilia, that is, calumny: the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation. To this risk I would say as I stated before that we are not trying to provide evidence for a jury in court to decide the guilt or innocence of the individual accused of pedophilia but instead we are trying to give a measurement of alarm a community/parents must have of an individual given that the individual accused has been recognized by the algorithm as looking extremely similar to that of another individual that was also accused through the app of pedophilia. The app's goal is to tell you to simply stay away from this individual or to educate your child on the necessity to not be alone with him/her, or even educate self-defense strategies when expecting to be alone with the individual. To reduce false positives, accused priests may request that we provide to them a lie-detector test, serviced from an independent organization that we choose, to attempt to prove their innocence. Again, as we have stated these heuristical measurement of detection are not meant to provide evidence of guilt or innocence in a court of law but only  implement the pseudo-scientific Artificial Intelligence algorithm that can be compared to intuition in human beings. Each year of fundraising the goal will be to make the algorithm better and more precise in predicting pedophiles provided that we have enough people using the app providing us with facial data which is a crucial necessity for the Artificial Intelligence model we will be using, that is, Machine Learning using Neural Networks. Specifically we will follow the inventor of this Neural Network model, a well-known professor in the Artificial Intelligence Industry as well as a professor that I was taught under at the University of Toronto, Professor Geoffrey Hinton. Finally I would like to say that preceding the idea of creating an A.I. algorithm to detect pedophilia which only came to me these last couple of weeks, and more importantly before I knew of what I know now that the significance of the inspiration received through prayer to make the guardian angel video game for the children at that church was most likely given to me by Jesus for the protection of minors, nevertheless has lead me on a process of networking these last 8 years to create a video game worthy of God and His Church. Originally, The Michelangelo Code was just a promotional theme we used to advertise the quality of Art we aspired to create within our games that we coded and that we used as attractive material to teach the boring coding lessons to children. But high-quality artists hired by top Industry companies need to be paid. Since we have come to know through hindsight the true purpose of its inspiration, that is the protection of minors, The Michelangelo Code has acquired an urgent call to pay these artists more now than ever before. So if you can help share this project to as many people as you can to help donate, please do...and know you will be making a HUGE difference regardless, because by sharing this website URL you will be helping us get this project in the hands of all children that are now victims of pedophilia! 

Search "My Guardian Angel" on Spotify and subscribe to the podcast to keep updated on production needs and free art giveaways.