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Beta builds (In-Production/In-Complete)

The Goal of My Guardian Angel game is to get in the hands of all children, an electronic that can load playable versions of LIVE games already Produced above, but works on low-end devices (like iPhone4). The reason is that we want all children to be able to use the camera to take a picture to accuse the pedophoile who they recognize by having learned of the cartoon characters that represent the pdeophile and this requires that we create simple code that can work for old devices, and this is where you can find it:


Although our Production BUILD in the top of this page will be in constant production to be released LIVE bi-weekly, we are working on this app to work for iPhone4 Web Browser (which the Production BUILD does not work with yet). If there are any devices that you can lend a child, especially old cheap devices, that does not have this app or the LIVE app working on the device, please send an e-mail to me and I'll fix the bug/issue. I may need to borrow your device
My e-mail is:


As there is a necessity for older phones to run the TMC application that allows children to report an abuser, there is a need to create the application in the legacy (older version) of Javascript that uses prototype rather than class definitions. Along with the fact that two.js is renderer agnostic enabling the same api to draw in multiple contexts: svg, canvas, and webgl, we will create our own SVG Editor to work similiar to the Adobe Flash IDE. At the moment we use the legacy version of WickEditor but it has stopped production and so we will create our own type of Adobe Flash-like IDE that exports to the Web useing the two.js api so that the old phones have an option to use one of the 3 rendering options (svg, canvas, webgl) that works best for their device.
Our Editor can be found here

Hardware Accelerated GPU Composite Layering - 2D/CSS/JS

Also, to note, is the ability that CSS has in render from the GPU for low-end phones where WebGL 3d games are restricted to run on the GPU hardware acceleration. It is for this reason that we place a higher priority to make 2D games using CSS, compared to WebGL games, primarily because games will run slow for low-end devices if hardware acceleration cannot be forced enabled like for iOS Apple low-end devices. An EXAMPLE is the iPhone4S, although runs WebGl, does not have the ability to enable hardware acceleration through WebGL. And it is still to be determined if any mobile-hyprid framework such as Cordova or React Native, even have the ability to enable hardware acceleration Natively in their own WebView as is done with platrforms like Unity/Unreal. Some claim they can do it, like GCanvas or G3D but there are no LIVE examples to test this out on low-end Apple phones.